Lifetime VIP Crowdfund



Some of you might remember that when FaucetGame released the first VIP packages we had the option to purchase lifetime VIP for a fixed price. A few people managed to do that before the option was been replaced with monthly VIP, since we don't like to give out lifetime for obvious reasons.

This time is different

You may have seen mention of a new bitcoin advertisement network that's planned for release in the near future. This project needs to be crowdfunded, so we are giving you the opportunity to help bring this new network into the scene by offering Lifetime Elite VIP on FaucetGame, and not only that but also Lifetime VIP on GameFaucet, PokeBits and BlockFaucet!

This crowdfund will last for a total of 14 days ONLY. After this date you will never have the chance to get Lifetime VIP on any of our sites in the future! If you are interested in VIP, we suggest you grab them while you still can.

What happens to the funds?

All funds raised will be used to handle advertisement and promotion of the new network after it's launched. The rest of the funds will be used to keep Faucet Gaming Network alive by topping up the faucets balances and keeping servers online.

More on the Advertisement Network itself (the project you are helping to fund)

I guarantee you will like the network very much. You'll be able to advertise anything on it (except illegal content) FOR FREE. Yes, you heard that correctly. You will be able to advertise without depositing any money/bitcoins into your account. This makes it accessible to heavy advertisers and even end users to spread their referral links from any site for free.

This network will be one of the most streamlined experiences you've seen, for both advertisers and publishers. Because of... well, there are 10+ "because", but I'm not able to reveal anything else about the project due to the unique ideas behind it.

People who contribute to this project will be able to join beta testing of the network before other users, and the ones who help with critical things and bug finding will get bitcoin bonuses.

How do I get my VIP & help fund the project?

The below tables show the pricing options available.

Option 1 - Pick your VIP(s) on Faucet Gaming Network sites

Below are the prices for each VIP account for each site

Bitcoin casino games for FREE, claim free bitcoin from offerwalls
Collect & Train Pokemon, do Quests, Battle users
Earn bitcoin for playing arcade games and chatting
Gamble on the Bitcoin blockchain in multiplayer betting game


Buy 2 lifetime VIP and get 0.1 BTC discount. (2 sites)
Buy 3 lifetime VIP and get 0.2 BTC discount. (3 sites)

Option 2 - The full package, VIP on all sites!
With this option you spend 1 BTC and get all of the options from above, that's a big discount!

Additionally, the following things:

  • Rights to sell your Lifetime VIP to any user. This can be the same user on multiple sites, or different users on each sites, in exchange for credits on said site.
  • FREE 5% advertisement bonus on the advertisement network
  • In addition to the VIP accounts, you get level percent bonus of your donation amount converted into credits on 1 site of your choice. If you are level 20 thats 20% bonus!
  • Elite VIPs get a special icon next to their username in chat
  • Elite VIPs get a new colour for their name, and text colour
  • The ability to gift your VIP to any user in the future (this will remove it from your own account)
Option 3 - A bigger adnet bonus
If you are not a member of any of our sites then VIP might not interest you. Therefore we offer this option for you.
Make a donation and receive 7% in advertisement credits on the network upon launch. There is a minimum donation of 0.1 BTC and no maximum.
Ok, I'm in!

To proceed please copy the form below, fill out the details and email Support. We will reply with a bitcoin address and the total to send.

Thanks everyone for supporting the FaucetGaming network since the beginning.